High Point Family Farms.  "Where all the animals are above average."


           We sell show rabbits perfect for 4H and FFA projects

We also sell fryer rabbits and will even butcher them for you for free. Here is a link about the benifits of eating rabbit meat.     Benifits of rabbit meat 




We also have rabbit manure and worm castings sale. Rabbit manure is the best organic fertilizers available. It has one of the highest levels of nitrogen of all manure,  yet it can be applied directly to plants without burning them. Here is a link on using rabbit manure as fertilizer.          



 Worm  Castings are the rishest natural fertilizer known to man. We sell either pure castings. Or our special blend of 85% castings and 15% rabbit manure it's the perfect blend to help you grow any type of plant. It's the perfect food for your garden, tomatoes, flower beds, even your house plants. Here is some helpfull info on the benifits of using worm castings. Worm Castings


High Point Family Farms is located at 11923 123rd Avenue SE, Rainier, WA 98576.  Feel free to drop by to check things out, ask questions, adopt your pig.